Andrei Catalin Gal is a professional tattoo artist, originating from Transylvania, currently being located in Munich, Germany.  Passionate about fine arts since childhood, Andrei Catalin Gal attended different art schools, achieving an artistic background through study and practice.  Since 2012, when he started his career as a tattoo artist, Andrei Catalin Gal travelled a lot around Europe, gaining his experience from working in different tattoo studios. Spending hours and hours in researching and practicing tattoo techniques, he loves staying up to date and always uses the best technology available in this industry, in order to achieve the best quality of ones new tattoo.

Andrei Catalin Gal specializes in black and gray or coloured realistic tattoos and line work tattoos, but also enjoys the traditional and neotraditional tattoo stylesHis passion for arts and nature translates into his tattoo work. Sculptures, architectural motives, paintings and realistic animal portraits are some of his favourite designs for tattooing. 

Andrei Catalin Gal also enjoys photography, painting, and drawing, and in his free time you may find him wandering around different cities or natural landmarks, taking reference pictures or just enjoying the time in nature.



For the moment I am located in Munich, Germany. For up-to-date guest spots and convention visits, read my updated post about guest spots.

If you want to make a booking with me, you can use my contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 



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